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Kilchoman Single Malt

This evening, I am focusing on Kilchoman  Distillery, one of the youngest whisky producers in Scotland. Kilchoman is. by the standards of Glenfiddich and Glenlivet, tiny producing just  140,000 litres of spirit per year compared with some 10.0m litres p.a. at the two big distilleries mentioned.

Kilchoman is a fully integrated distillery based at Rockside Farm in the North-West of the island of Islay, near Loch Gorm. The basic ingredient of barley is grown on site then malted on a traditional maltings floor, one of only a handful of such floor maltings in Scotland. Moreover, the still furnaces are heated using a peat fuelled furnace.

The distillery was launched in 2005 subsequent to which steady progress has been made in establishing  a market presence for the key single malts of Loch Gorm and Machir Bay. Consistent with most distilleries on Islay, Kilchoman’s malts are peated (smokey).

Visitors are encouraged at Kilchoman where facilities include a restaurant and shop.

Remote and spectacular scenery adds to the visitor experience.

Barley ready for whisky making.


Kilchoman Distillery

Malting Floor


Kilchoman Distillery

Mash Tun

Mash Tun

Washbacks (Fermentation)

Kilchoman Distillery


Whisky Stills

Peat-fired furnace under stills.


Kilchoman Distillery


Spirit Safe


Spirit Safe

Maturation in oak casks

Kilchoman Distillery

Bottling and labelling


Kilchoman Distillery


If time permits, Kilchoman is a ‘must’ for whisky aficionados visiting Islay.



Hiking Group


This evening, I am posting information on a recent social group hike which followed a route close to the north shore of the Firth of Forth.

The route was circular covering a very wide range of sites and views which included:

  • The ancient town and former Scottish capital of Dunfermline.
  • Ruined former Royal Palace at Dunfermline.
  • Neatly maintained Pittencrief Park at Dunfermline.
  • The coastal village of Limekilns.
  • Fields of maturing barley and other crops.
  • A game of cricket in process.
  • Giant, new Aircraft Carrier under construction at Rosyth.
  • Colourful flora ( wildflowers).



Royal Palace at Dunfermline

Dunfermline Royal Palace

Pittencrief Park, Dunfermline

Pittencrief Park







Maturing cereal crop

East of Scotland Landscape



Aircraft Carrier at Rosyth

H.M.S.Queen Elizabeth

Colourful wildflowers, East of Scotland

Scottish Wildflowers

The event benefited from dry weather.



This evening, I am posting information on today’s Storybike Ride which followed a route covering 14.5 miles along the River Clyde from Glasgow to Blantyre. These rides are led by a professional with local knowledge to encourage people to take up cycling.

The route started at Glasgow Central Station then followed an easterly direction passing through Glasgow Green and stopping for a break at Bothwell Castle. Particpants were able to connect with local landscape and wildflowers.

Image of Glasgow Green

Glasgow Green


Doulton Fountain, Glasgow Green.

Doulton Fountain


Final destination was the David Livingstone Centre at Blantyre. At conclusion of tour the group returned to Glasgow by train.


Refreshment stop at Bothwell Castle

Bothwell Castle

Cycle Group at Bothwell Castle


Story Bike Ride Group

River Clyde at Blantyre

River Clyde

David Livingstone Centre, Blantyre


The weather remained dry during the ride.