• Prior to and during the Roman Occupation of Britain, the natives spoke Brittonic languages or Pictish. Goidelic (Gaelic) was spoken in Ireland.
  • English ( a Germanic language) developed in England consequent upon the Germanic invasion sof the 5th century.
  • English grew in popularity, progressively pushing Brittonic into Wales, Cornwall, Cumbria and S.W.Scotland.
  • Pictish was progressively replaced by Gaelic in Scotland.
  • Post AD 843 Gaelic became the ‘standard’ language north of the Forth and Pictish progressively disappeared.
  • Anglian English ( Inglis) was spoken south of the Forth.
  • Around AD 1067 it is believed that Malcolm III of Scotland ordered Inglis to be spoken at Court and subsequently became the official language whilst Gaelic was spoken north of the Highland Line.

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