Today, I decided to hunt down another ‘Greek’ Thomson design, this time the McIntyre Monument located in Cathcart Old Churchyard, Glasgow. This is a somewhat incredible and eerie place comprising a derelict church surrounded by some fascinating graves and memorials which are redolent of the Glasgow Necropolis. Depending the light, this a great place for photography.

For more information on Greek Thomson please visit the History page of my main website:

Here is a view of the church spire behind a chapel type memorial. I could not find an inscription on the latter.

Here are three images of Thomson’s McIntyre Monument. This was commissioned by Thomson’s friend, the builder John McIntyre, for his son’s grave, and a powerful composition with a sarcophagus on the base of cyclopaean masonry. Condition is “OK” with evidence of graffiti.

Here is another view of the circular, chapel type memorial.It reminds me of the Douglas Monteith Mausoleum in the Necropolis which was based on the Knights Templar Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem.

This a memorial to certain Covenanters who died for their beliefs. Within a week or so I hope to have a briefing note on the Covenanters on the History page of my main website.

Another mausoleum now partly covered in graffiti.

View of church remains.
Another view of the mausoleum mentioned above.

Another church view.

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