Today, the snow has gone and I went out to Queen’s Park (south Glasgow) to obtain pics of an unusual concentration of churches within a few hundred yards/meters of each other.

Firstly, here is an image of an apparent innocuous piece of a nearby public park-which it is. However, this actually the site of a major battle, the most significant to take place within Glasgow city boundaries and which was fought at Langside in 1568. On the morning of 13 May, forces in support of Mary, Queen of Scots were marching from Hamilton towards Dumbarton Castle when they found their path blocked by troops commanded by the Regent Moray.
Moving now to the churches. There are five, almost within spitting distance of each other, including two baptist churches. Here is the first-a Baptist Church. Sorry, but I don’t have a wide angle lens. Obviously, a huge edifice.

This one is Church of Scotland
This one dates from the late 1800s and appears no longer in use for religious purposes and is for sale.
This is the other Baptist Church

This is a synagogue