For Roman Britain enthusiasts Vindolanda is a ‘must’.

The site is close to the line of Hadrian’s Wall but pre-dates it. There is evidence to indicate that the Roman military were there from at least AD85.

The first fort was founded about AD85 and abandoned in about AD 92. The visible fort today dates from early 3rd century, covers 1.46ha (3.6acres) and occupies a prominent platform. It sits on a complex sequence of earlier forts.

Apart from a wealth of ‘conventional’ archaeology, Vindolanda is best known for a unique collection of writing tablets which have been preserved in the anaerobic conditions and afford us a unique insight into military records and day-to-day life.These tablets are now in the British Museum and have been-deservedly- voted one of Britain’s top ten historical treasures.

For those with an interest in Roman Britain a visit to Vindolanda must rank as a priority. There is a very good museum on site.

Below are pics of the current site

Here is a view of a replica temple
This is a representation of a piece of of Hadrian’s Wall
Archaeologists at work in site.

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