Today, I have collated some images of Fortingall, Perthshire.

This is a fascinating (quaint?) village with a history as a Christian centre dating back to around the 7th century. The name is first recorded as Forterkil derived from fortair (a stronghold) and cill ( a cell or church). However the valley has probably been inhabited for some 5000 years.

This celtic cross marks the small burial ground set aside in 1902 for the family of Sir Donald Currie.

Here is an image of the Fortingall yew, reputedly one of the oldest living organisms in Europe, and now a shadow if its former self, but still alive! In the background is the church which was rebuilt 1901-2.

Here is a standing stone dating from around 2000BC

Here is an image of the village which is set in a beautiful Highland Perthshire location.

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