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Browsing Posts published on February 5, 2008

This afternoon I have collated some images from last year’s tours to provide a flavour for the photo opps which are available in and around Scotland.

The first four images are of Glasgow at night.

Here is Fingal’s Cave, Staffa.
Iona Abbey cloisters

Floating children at Stirling Castle

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Here are some images of walk along the Antonine Wall from 2007.

Building commenced about AD142 of the Wall which runs between Forth and Clyde, a distance of over 40 Roman miles ( 37 British miles). The rampart was largely built of turf blocks but mostly on a stone base at least 14ft wide.

Here is Bar Hill Roman Fort

Here are images of the wall with walkers to indicate the scale of the Wall.

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Today, I am presenting some images of Melrose Abbey which is one of the most fascinating of the Borders abbeys.These ruins date from the 14th and 15th centuries.

The Abbey is built of red sandstone and was destroyed by the English on the 14th century. The remains are Gothic and famous for their decorative stonework.

Melrose Abbey was founded by David I in 1136 and was rebuilt by Robert the Bruce whose heart is buried at the Abbey.

At time of my visit a wedding was in progress.

Overall, well worth a visit in context of a Borders tour.

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