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This morning I went out in the sunshine to take some images of the emerging spring.

I went to Greenbank Gardens and here are the results

Daffodils and Narcissus coming into bloom in the woods.

Garden pond with duck
Garden view
Garden view
This statue/fountain is called ‘Foam’ and dates from 1938 when it featured in the Empire Exhibition, Glasgow.
Another garden view.
Greenbank was very quiet and relaxing, yet very close to Glasgow.

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Stirling Castle is an excellent example of a Scottish castle and well located for the visitor to Scotland. It is situated on the rock of Stirling (an ancient volcano) and was the key to medieval Scotland. All invading armies had to come to the rock of Stirling to to enter Scotland’s hinterlands.

The first record of a castle date from Alexander I who died there in 1124.

Close by were fought two major, decisive battles in which the Scots beat the English:

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This afternoon I am posting an image of a memorial from Glasgow’s Southern Necropolis. This is unusual because it includes reference to a couple who appear to have died in Dunfermline which is in the east of Scotland, near Edinburgh.

The inscription simply records the passing of:

James Bryden
Jane Bryden, wife of James.

No dates or ages are given.

Judging by the sequence on the memorial, the Brydens appear to have died sometime between 1874 and 1898.

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