This afternoon, I am posting a collection of images from a just completed four day tour based in Edinburgh.

Here are some views of Edinburgh taken from and including the Castle. This stands on 443 feet above sea level on a plug of volcanic rock. The buildings range in date from the 12th century St. Margaret’s Chapel to the 20th century Scottish National War Memorial.

View with Mons Meg in the foreground

St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh.

Palace of Holyrood House Architecture is mainly late 17th century to the design of Sir William Bruce.

Abbey at Holyrood

View of Edinburgh with Waverley Railway Station in foreground.

Former Royal High School. This was designed by Thomas Hamilton 1825-29 and is a building of international stature.
View of old Observatory dating from 1776 This is one of James Craig’s very few surviving buildings.

View of Holyrood House from atop the Nelson Monument on Calton Hill

View of Princes Street from Calton Hill (Nelson Monument).

Rosslyn Castle This was destroyed by Cromwell during the Civil War period.

View of herbaceous garden at Dirleton Castle. This is the longest such border in the world.

Vaults at Direlton Castle. In the middle is a family enjoying a picnic. Dirleton Castle dates to the 12th century when it was built by the Anglo-Norman de Vaux family. The building was occupied through to 1650 when Cromwell’s troops occupied and ruined the castle.

Ruins of Dirleton Castle
The following are images of a distillery tour at Glenkinchie.

Tour guide with copper stills in the background.

Guide explaining the spirit safe.

The following are images of the famous Rosslyn Chapel. Interior photographs are no longer allowed so the pictures are taken from previous visits.

This is the Apprentice Pillar at Rosslyn

Highland Cattle

The famous Govan Stones which date back 1000 years and represent some of Scotland’s most important early medieval sculptures. These marked a major ceremonial and administrative capital of the kings of Strathclyde.

This is a Viking influenced ‘Hogback’ grave marker

Images of Glasgow Cathedral which dates from the 12th century

Inside the Blacadder Aisle (chapel)
The Nave
Rood Screen. One of the few in Scotland which escaped the Reformation.

View from the Wallace Monument near Stirling. This is dedicated to William Wallace aka ‘Braveheart’.

View of the Wallace Monument

Site to commemorate the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 at which a Scots army under Robert the Bruce defeated a much larger English army under Edward II

Aspects of Stirling Castle. The castle mainly dates from the 15th and 16th centuries when it was principal royal residence, witnessing thye birth of James III, the childhood of James V and the crowning of the infant, Mary Queen of Scots.

Here is the tour guide in full flow.

Inside the Great Hall. Note hammer beamed roof.

Tapestry inside the Chapel
Original decoration inside the Chapel at Stirling Castle

View of the Palace buildings at Stirling

Overall, we a great tour. Good food and good company. Haste ye back!!

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