This evening, I am presenting images taken at a recent visit to Dirleton Castle, E Lothian, Scotland.

There are really two attraction here, first the magnificent ruined castle which dates back to the 12th century and secondly, the colourful gardens.

Here is a colourful display of a formal garden.

Here are the vaults of the castle.

Here is the entrance to the ruined castle which has experienced a chequered history since the 12th century when the Anglo-Norman de Vaux family acquired the Barony of Dirleton and built the original stone castle.Very briefly, the castle was:

  • Successfully besieged in 1298 and held by the English until 1311.
  • Occupied by the army of Robert the Bruce.
  • Passed to the Halyburton family in the mid 14th century.
  • Rebuilt from 1515 by the Ruthven family.
  • occupied and ruined by Cromwell’s troops in 1650.

Here is the dovecot. Pigeons were an important source of food in medieval times.

Here is the world’s longest herbaceous border

Direlton is one of the oldest surviuving castles in Scotland and has the added attraction of being situated close to the pretty village of Dirleton.

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