This evening, and in context of upcoming Remembrance Day, I am listing names of World War 1 casualties as found listed on Campbeltown War Memorial, Scotland. Although extensive, this list is not complete. I will add the final batch of names when I next visit the area.

New Zealand Forces

Donald McConnachie
Archd. Huie McMinn
John Cameron
John Campbell
Peter Campbell
Donald Muir
Donald O’May
Robert A Reid
Gavin Reid

USA Forces

Alex McPherson


James Brown
Alex Ritchie
Neil F Duncan
Robert B Wallace
Dugald S Stewart
John McMillan
Peter Sinclair
James Coffield
Archd. Mackinnon
George Stewart

Royal Army Service Corps

William Johnston
John McAlister
Donald McCallum
Alex McMillan

Machine Gun Corps

John Brown
Duncan Cook
Andrew Hamilton
Chas. McMichael
Joseph McSporran
Donald Stewart

Labour Corps

Robert Kelly

Royal Air Force

Ian Ure McMurchy
William Mitchell

Australian Forces

Kenneth Johnston
Dugald McIntyre
Edward McMillan
Chas.A. McMurchy
John Paterson

South African Forces

John Strang
A. Henderson
Robert R Cameron
Ralph C.S. Gillan


Neil McArthur
Gilbert Blackstock
Duncan Wilson
Hugh Paton
Lachlan McGoag
William O’Hara
Chas McEachran
Thomas Urquhart
James Dunlop
Daniel Docherty
James McFadyen
John Stalker
John Taylor
Donald McPherson
Alex McMillan
Peter Carmichael
James Taylor
Allan Murray
John Rodgers
David Andrew
Peter Armour
Donald McIntyre
Thos.R Morrison
William Cook
Peter McCallum
Angus McKinnon
John Muir

Black Watch

Archd. Armour
Norman S Campbell
Alex Graham
Donald McAlpine
Robert Mclaig
Neil Mackay
Hugh Mitchell

Seaforth Highlanders

Fred J. Broom
Alex Henderson
James McEachran
Neil McKinven
Edward McKinnon
John McKinlay
John Morrison
William Speed

Gordon Highlanders

Archd. H. McMillan
Archd. McKinlay
Peter Campbell
Dugald Conley
Neil Currie
John McCallum
James McCulloch
Donald McDonald
Robert McNiven
William Morrison
William Paterson
Alex A Wilson

Cameron Highlanders

Malcolm McIntyre
Neil Campbell
Donald McMillan
John Brown
Richard Kelly
Charles Macgrory
James McQuilkan
Alex J.S.Rae
J.M. Stewart

Argyll Mountain Battery

Sgt Archbld Johnston
Cpl Archd Johnston
James F McLean
Charles Sheddon
James Ferreti
John Hamilton
High Kane
John McCallum
Proudfoot McIntyre
Thomas McIntyre
Robert McMillan
James Morrison
William Sheddon
William Mc G Taylor
William Wallace

Royal Field Artillery

D.Mc A Bowie
John Armour
Archibald Huie
James B Johnston
Duncan McCallum
William McDonald
William McIntyre
Thomas A Mutch
Dugald Shearer
Hector McMillan

Royal Garrison Artillery

William Gillon
Duncan Lang
Hugh McGuire

Royal Scots

Hugh M Crooks
Matthew C Reid
James Forrester
Malcolm Galbraith
Jas R McPherson
Peter Quigley


Donald M Macallum
Peter McIntyre
Angus K McKinven
Lachlan McKinnon
Neil Houston McLean
John McLean
Hugh McMillan
Peter McPherson
Thomas McPherson
Alex McSporran
Alex Mansfield
Hugh G Martin
John A R Martin
William Taylor Reid

If anyone in or visiting Campbeltown would like to complete this list please let me know.

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