Today, I am following up on yesterday’s Forth & Clyde Canal theme, mainly because of a timely press release covering the extensive wildlife which can be found in and around the 137 miles of Scotland’s inland waterways.

The images below were taken during a walk around the Kilsyth area ( Forth & Clyde) in summer 2007 and are provided to give a flavour for the type of wildlife habitat which the canal system fosters.

According to the latest report the canals are home to increasingly exotic colonies of creatures which include terrapins, coots, voles, moorhens, damselflies, otters, kingfishers, mink, dragonflies and herons.

The presence of dragonflies and damselflies is a key indicator of an unpolluted eco-system as the insects need to lay their eggs in or near clean water.

On a personal note, I enjoy the canals with their pleasant blend of industrial archaeology, solitude, nature and countryside.

If anyone out there is interested in a cycle trip or walk along this canal then please contact me. We can also include a dip into Roman history via various sites along the nearby Antonine Wall.

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