This evening, I am posting some recent images of Croft Moraig Stone Circle which is located four miles west of Aberfeldy in Perthshire.

The circle stands at the north-east of Loch Tay on low ground below steep mountainside. The stones are of local schist and stand on an artificial platform.

Excavation in 1965 revealed:

  • First phase was Late Neolithic, around 3000BC and consisted of some 14 heavy timber posts arranged in a horseshoe pattern. A boulder lay at the centre with a scatter of burnt bone nearby. There was a constricted entrance composed of two pairs of wooden uprights. A ditch surrounded the monument.
  • The posts were subsequently replaced by eight stones graded in height towards the SSW. A kerbed rubble bank enclosed the stones.
  • Finally, a circle about 12 meters in diameter, of 12 big stones, was erected around the horseshoe. To the ESE some 5.5m outside the ring two stones were erected which formed an entrance.

Croft Moraig is easily accessible, very close to the main Kenmore-Aberfeldy road, and is worth a visit to ponder on the mindset of the stone age people

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