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This morning with clear skies and good visibility I visited the Clyde near the centre of Glasgow.

First image is (I think ) that of a cormorant which was happily diving for food. Bearing in mind the stretch of water was heavily polluted at one time this must be evidence of the progressive improvement in the cleanliness of the Clyde.

This video clip shows the Steamship Waverley, the Armadillo conference centre, Science Centre and Tall Ship all basking in the unusual sunlight.

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This evening, I am posting a short video clip of my visit to the Rose Garden at Gorbals. This is an unusual place and in fact is a small park in the centre of the re-developed Gorbals residential area.

It would appear that the Rose Garden was a former churchyard and/or cemetery. Around the walls of the Garden can be found tombstones and grave-markers to the deceased dating back to the 18th and early 19th centuries when the Gorbals was an upscale residential location.

The Gorbals is a fascinating area presenting a combination of heritage properties ( e.g.Caledonia Road Church) and modern architecture all just a mile or so from Glasgow City.

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