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This morning I visited the valley of the White Cart Water (river) at Busby Glen Park, Glasgow.

Key driver for my visit was to photograph the mass of bluebells which are now in seasonal bloom.

Although now a quiet area for relaxation, in the 18th and 19th centuries this was a hive of activity centred on water powered mills used in the cotton industry. Just close by are the remains of an iron age fort dating back about 2000 years providing evidence of the long era of occupation by man.

The name Busby would imply a Scandinavian origin as ‘by’ usually indicates a farm/settlement dating to the Viking era.

A very interesting spot offering much for nature lovers, photographers, archaeologists and students of industrial history.

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This afternoon, I paid a visit to Pollock House, Glasgow. This is the ancestral home of the Maxwell family and dates from the mid 18th century. My visit focused on the exterior and in particular the formal gardens which are very colourful at this time of year.

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This afternoon I enjoyed a private tour of this fascinating building which may date back to the late 1400s. Whilst the Hall is a contender for oldest house in Glasgow it is now located in midst of a modern social housing scheme. The caretaker was outstanding and obviously has a great passion for the building which is shortly to benefit from a USD6.0M refurbishment. The Hall is essentially a high status house with defensive wall. In the house the windows double up as ports for crossbows and guns. At certain periods in its history, the house was owned by the then mega rich Duke of Hamilton. There is a connection with Mary Queen of Scots-and three resident ghosts.

Provan Hall is close to Glasgow and definitely worth a visit.

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