This morning I am visiting a group of early Christian stones near Paisley.

These unremarkable looking stones are, in fact, very ancient. Inchinnan is the home of the cult of St. Conval, a 7th century disciple of of St. Kentigern (to whom Glasgow Cathedral is dedicated). Both stones are located in a small block in the grounds of the Normandy Hotel, protected by iron railings and are believed to be positioned in their original location close to the White Cart river. The two stones are:

  • St. Conval’s Chariot, on which the saint is supposed to have sailed from Ireland to the Clyde. Water from the hollow in the stone was traditionally believed to have had healing properties.
  • The second stone is known as the Argyll Stone which gets its name from the tradition that Archibald, ninth Earl of Argyll, was captured here after the collapse of the Protestant invasion of 1685.

Image quality affected by restricted access due to the high railings which surround the site.

Another posting on similar topic will follow tomorrow.

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