This evening, I am posting images of some remarkable carved stones at Inchinnan, near Glasgow which I discovered recently.

Inchinnan was the home of the cult of St. Conval, a 7th century disciple of St. Kentigern. The three stones in the images below are located in the porch in front of Inchinnan Parish Church and protected by a narrow grill.

  • The large slab featuring a Central cross, surrounded by animal art on its face and side, may have been part of an important tomb, perhaps St. Conval.
  • Another stone is a simpler, cross-marked slab.
  • Third stone may belong with another set of stones, as covered in blog posting dated April 22nd 2009.

All three stones appear to have affinity with the famous Govan stones (at Govan, Glasgow) and may date from around the 10th century.

Contact me for more information on Glasgow’s early Christian links.

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