Today, we visited the Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland, it is a neighborhood which had a poor reputation.

The Gorbals has long had a reputation as a zone of violence and poverty. It was often referred to as the most dangerous place in UK with street gangs and casual violence. There was a history of health and social problems related to poor design and low-quality construction of housing.

During 20th. century efforts were made to clear the slum tenements by Glasgow Corporation and replace them with the new high-rise flats but this did little to improve it’s reputation.

In recent years, some of high-rise buildings have been demolished and modern low-rise flats are being built. Glasgow City Council has established a plan to demolish yet more of high-rise blocks and to comprehensively refurbish others.

It is a new neighborhood refurbished but with traces of past reputation.

Today, our visit benefited from bright sunshine.

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