This evening, I am posting information on the famous fabric as produced in my favourite shop on Harris in the Outer Hebrides.
This is a fascinating shop and workshop using traditional weaving loom under management of a very experienced lady.
The key qualifications for Harris Tweed are:
  • Must be made on the Outer Hebrides.
  • Must be woven by islanders at their own homes.
  • Must be made of 100pct pure new Scottish wool

Additionally, ancillary processes such as dying, spinning and finishing must all take place in the Outer Hebrides.

It is believed that the first full length web of Harris Tweed was sold by the dowager Countess of Dunmore in 1842 and from thereon the industry gained royal patronage and flourished. In more recent times the industry has experienced challenging trading conditions but the local trade association is resourceful and continues to seek out new markets for this unique fabric.There are grounds for believing the product has an assured future; I certainly hope so!

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