I am writing this whilst on a ferry from Oban to Barra in the Hebrides. Journey time is over four hours. There may not be internet/cellphone service on Barra so blog posting tomorrow is not assured.

This morning we visited the historic Kilmartin Glen, about 30 miles south of Oban. This is a unique prehistoric landscape featuring a linear cemetery with standing stones, stone circles and ancient rock carvings. The image shown today features the Achnabreck rock carvings which are intruiging to say the least and prompt speculation on the driver behind the ‘artist’ who must have spent many, many hours laboriously pecking out the design with a stone hammer.

Prehistory, with which Scotland is well endowed, is one of my key passions so if anyone out there is looking to connect with past of 1000BC to about 3000BC please contact me for a private tour.

Looking forward to visiting Lewis and the famous Callanish Stones in a couple of days.
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