Today, I had planned to visit and photograph some more Greek Thomson architecture sites in preparation for a new web page on the subject. However, I was stymied in my endeavours on two accounts: (a) very poor weather and light conditions and (b) continuing very slow recovery from a harsh cold/flu which leaves me in the ‘walking wounded’ category.

This evening, I have decided to dip in again to my recent visit to some of the famous archaeological sites of Egypt, at least the images of blue skies and sunshine should help to lift spirits during a dark Glaswegian winter!

Memories of Abu Simbel will linger with me for a long time, not least because the visit entailed a 2.30am start and a long coach drive through the desert to reach the site just after dawn broke. Like many equivalent sites in Egypt I felt I was just part of a mass tourism production line with quality of information and the overall visitor experience somewhat mediocre. Compared to this the quality of information etc., at a typical Historic Scotland site is on a different (higher) level, but that said the climates are not comparable and Egypt is not Scotland.

Despite concerns with quality of the visit experience and very early start, I am very glad that I went because I can at least now physically connect with this world-famous site and research more information at my leisure.

Some key information on Abu Simbel:

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