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This morning, I went off to visit a historic site on Lurg Moor, above and behind Greenock and Port Glasgow. This was quite a jaunt because I had to navigate across some very rough ground and barbed wire fences. Clearly, the ground conditions are normally extremely wet but were fortunately frozen over today ( temperature about zero centigrade) thus enabling me to get around without the customary wet feet. The underlying purpose of this unusual trip will feature as the theme of tomorrow’s blog posting but, in the meantime, I am posting an interesting collection of images focusing on the stunning scenery. Weather conditions were very favourable comprising near freezing temperature coupled with bright sunshine, a combination very conducive to photography.

Firstly, this video clip covers a span of scenery from Dunoon and Cowal in the west (left) through to Loch Long, Gare Loch, Helensburgh and the Kilpatrick Hills in the east (far right) . The water in the middle is the River Clyde

This image shows Greenock with the Clyde and then Gare Loch and Helensburgh in the distance.

The following are interesting images arising from freezing conditions affecting a couple of burns (streams) I came across on my adventure across the moor,

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This morning I am posting information and images from last evening’s Ceilidh Dance held at Glasgow City Chambers in aid of Scottish Epilepsy Initiative.

Ceilidh is pronounced KAY-lay and is derived from a Gaelic word meaning visit or house party. The term has evolved to mean an informal Scottish traditional dance event.

At the event last night, music was provided by the Caledonian Fiddle Orchestra and the programme included a list of popular dances including Gay Gordons, Dashing White Sergeant, Strip the Willow, St. Bernard’s Waltz and many more.

Also present were the McGinty Pinks and the Leaping Piper ( on which more below).

The venue was the sumptuous ballroom at Glasgow City Chambers which dates from the late 1880s. For more information on the City Chambers please refer my blog post of Jan 21st 2010.

Dancing in process. Refer also this video clip

The Leaping Piper

Next two images are of the McGinty Pinks, a very skilled quartet with pipes and drums.

This shows the Caledonian Fiddle Orchestra

Another view of the ballroom with 19th century chandelier

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Today’s Blog Theme: This morning, I visited Paisley and took photographs (above) of a church which always intrigued me, namely the Oakshaw Trinity Church which sits on a high location and is home to the combined Church of Scotland and United Reformed Church.

The building dates from the 18th century. Here are some key pieces of information:

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