Today, the focus of my posting is on Scottish Country Dancing following my attendance last night at the Glasgow Branch’s Winter Ball at Erskine Bridge Hotel.

Scottish Country Dancing dates back to the 18th century and should not be confused with Highland Dancing. During evolution of this type of dancing certain French influences were absorbed such as the square formation of the quadrille and ballroom etiquette.

The country dance is performed by a group of couples, usually consisting of four couples, positioned adjacent to each other in two parallel lines with gentleman facing ladies. In the course of a typical dance participants will interact with others on the floor, hence the ‘social’ aspect. There are three main types of country dance: long wise, round-the-room-, and square.

Scottish Country Dancing has a following around the world.

At the Glasgow Branch Winter Ball, some 20 dances were performed and music was provided by the Ian Muir Sound. Overall, an enjoyable evening. Some short video clips of the dancing can be found below.

NB: Subsequent to this posting, Google has ceased supporting videos on blogs. However, a video clip of the Ball can be found on You Tube here.

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