This evening, I am posting a record of today’s tour:

Collected group of guests at Edinburgh and then drove across Forth Bridge to Dunfermline Abbey. This was a former Royal Palace and effective capital of Scotland until 1603. Together, the Abbey and Palace comprise one of the most impressive building complexes in medieval Scotland. Good views over the surrounding area as the elevation is high. Inside the modern church is the burial place of King Robert the Bruce who died in 1329.

Inside the Nave which was the abbey church.

At Dunfermline Abbey burial ground there is a friendly peacock in residence which afforded some photo opps. The Peacock is the National Bird of India.

At Dunkeld we visited the ancient Cathedral and took pictures of the locality including the River Tay, Scotland’s longest river. Weather was benevolent.

Fishing on the River Tay close to Dunkeld Cathedral.

Next, a few miles up the A9 (highway) we stopped and followed a trail along the River Braan to see the falls at Ossian’s Hall. Quite stunning, with lots of snow and ice around.Lots of photo opps.

This is Ossian’s Hall.The viewing platform overlooks the Falls of Braan which can be spectacular.

Next, we drove 15 mins up the A9 to Pitlochry where we stopped for refreshments. Then we continued our journey north to Inverness via Aviemore, a town focused on outdoor activities in the Cairngorms.Lots of snow in evidence but roads were clear.

Before arriving at Inverness, we paid a short visit to Clava Cairns, one of Scotland’s top prehistoric sites dating back about 5000 years. It was quite eery in the late evening sunlight with the snow covering adding another dimension. Here there is a collection of large stone burial chambers and stone circles.

Finally we moved on to Inverness via the battlefield site of Culloden (1746) arriving at our lodgings about 6.15pm.

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