This morning I cycled down to Glasgow centre to indulge my interest in architecture. The building featured today is St. Andrews in the Square, a Category ‘A’ listed heritage building which was built between 1739-1756 and modelled on St. Martins-in-the Fields, London.

The building is clearly of neo-classical design and of particular note is the scale of the portico featuring giant Corinthian columns to support the structure. There is also a hand modelled baroque facade.

This building operated as a church until 1993 when, as a consequence of a declining congregation, the building was transferred to the Glasgow Building Preservation Trust, a charity which specialises in redundant historic buildings. The Trust proceeded with an extensive refurbishment and restoration programme which was completed in 2000.

The building now acts as a centre for Scottish culture and is also used for entertainment purposes. It is open for visitors for a few hours most Thursdays. Telephone 44(0) 141 559-5902 for information.

This building is regarded as one of the finest churches in the U.K. I plan to see the interior when opportunity arises.

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