This evening, my theme is Glencoe, possibly the most famous of the Scottish glens (valleys) which offers spectacular scenery throughout all seasons. Glencoe is actually a deep glacial trough bounded by steep slopes rising steeply to over 3000 feet. For the geologist, there is a mix of rocks including metamorphic, granite and extrusive volcanic. The landforms were moulded by glacial action which finally ended about 10,000 years ago.

In addition to the images below here are a couple of video clips taken about 8 months apart in different parts of the glen:

Video 1

Video 2

In course of my Scotland tours I invariably visit Glencoe about 5 times each year.

Elsewhere today, I have busy as usual, designing tours and responding to numerous new tour enquiries including a family of eight who desire a one day trip to the Trossachs from Glasgow.

Noticed an interesting report in the national press today commenting on the increasingly tacky appearance and product offering of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. I agree entirely. Edinburgh is really on a slippery slope at present aggravated by the debacle of the new tramway system which is now years behind schedule and fraught with conflict between the principal contracting parties.

On the ancestry side, posted information on Inglis family to my Glasgow Ancestry blog.

Weather here is relatively dry but still cold.

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