This morning with temperature well below zero but blue skies and bright sunshine I went of for a stroll around the Gorbals area of Glasgow. Back in the 18th and early 19th century the Gorbals was a relatively posh (High End) part of Glasgow but subsequently slid down the socio-economic scale to become, by the 1950s, a byword across the U.K. for social deprivation and poor housing. Whilst today, the average income in the area is probably below the national average, the tenor of the place as manifested in buildings, architecture and facilities has been transformed to the extent that a visitor from Mars might scratch his/her head and wonder why the Gorbals name has such a bad aura.

Here is an image of the Caledonia Road Church which was designed by Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson , a brilliant Victorian era architect who has left a huge legacy of his work around Glasgow. Unfortunately, the church was burned by vandals in the 1960s but news was recently announced of plans to use the remaining shell as heart of a new Greek Thomson Visitor Centre, a development which, in my view is excellent news and should prove a fillip for the area. In fact, I have recently set up a new Greek Thomson page on my website.

This is a view of the Gorbals Rose Garden which is also the only public orchard in Scotland.

Great colour scheme for these apartments.

Interesting street art. This is called the ‘Gorbals Boys’ by Liz Pedes of Gorbals Arts Project. The statues are named Joe, Nicky and Lee.

This is an unnamed statue. Appears to be a Victorian era boy who is off to sea.

More interesting design
Here is some more impressive modern architecture.

Interesting design feature outside a residential block.

Back to real world! Here is an image of ‘gritty’ Gorbals. A workshop under a defunct railway line.

Defunct railway station. Wonder why the City Fathers don’t try and make use of the closed rail line which runs above the streets? Sell it off to the private sector as a toll road and relieve traffic congestion?

When I get some more time later in the year I plan to research the architecture and set up a dedicated web page for the Gorbals area. One heck of a brand name coupled with history and modern design.

Upon returning to base I was able to finalise two new small group tour bookings. Its nice to see the enquiries coming in from around the world.

On the Glasgow Ancestry side, continued with another tranche of names from the Barrhead War Memorial.

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