This evening, I am posting a couple of images of black sheep which were taken locally, near Glasgow. For some reason the local farmer focuses on this niche breed. There is another small flock in an adjacent field but the animals were too far away for a descent image. Intriguingly, I saw a black sheep with a white lamb! Note presence of white sheep in above image. (I am considering getting a camera with a long lens in order to get some interesting distance shots as I tour and travel around.)

The black sheep seems to be of slighter build than than some of the stockier white fleeced sheep and could be either Boraray or Soay breeds.

I understand there are some 7.5m sheep in Scotland vs. human population of 5.0m. The animals are bred for lamb meat with wool just a side product. Very few visitors know that sheep were the main catalyst to mass emigration from Scotland in the 18th and 19th centuries when the landowners switched to sheep ranches and evicted thousands of tenant farmers, many of whom emigrated (effectively deported) to North America and Australasia. In many cases it is the descendants of these original emigrants who join my tours in order to ‘connect’ with the Scottish ‘homeland’.

Continuing the animal theme, readers of my blog will have noted the images of a cute baby fox cub posted yesterday. Well, events have moved on. This evening, I discovered that the one little cub has no less than three siblings. Tried, unsuccessfully, to get a pic of all four. Like Avis, I will have try harder!

Elsewhere today, have been attending to various housekeeping matters and formalities regarding upcoming tours. Have a busy season ahead ranging from Hadrian’s Wall to the far north of Scotland.

Posted information on Yuill family history to my GlasgowAncestry blog.

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