This afternoon, I am able to commence blogging again after a lapse of a day or so during which the blog was transferred to a new platform with new address. This was necessary because Google will shortly terminate support for FTP.

Earlier today I visited a farmers market at nearby Clarkston. These happen about once very two weeks and are usually quite well patronised with a wide range of rural products including bread, organic meat, ice-cream, vegetables and more. I made a few purchases including sausages and an apple pie. Products are not cheap but balanced against quality probably represent good value.

Here is the bread stall.

Haggis. Some people think that Haggis is a wild animal roaming the Scottish Highlands. In fact the dish is made from the inside of a sheep and is probably much healthier than some fast food products. I know it is not very popular in North America. Personally, I like it.


Meat and eggs.

Aberdeen Angus beef.

Arran cheese. Arran is an island off the west coast not far from Glasgow. Often called ‘Scotland in miniature’ and worth a visit.

After the market, I cycled down to Old Cathcart Cemetery to replenish my stocks of images for my separate Glasgow Ancestry blog. Came across a family which suffered the deaths of no less than 6 children at age 5 or less in late 1800s. Compared to today, there was no health service and few credible medicines. In the jungle of the cemetery came across small clutch of primroses which are now a protected plant.

Elsewhere today:

  • Corresponded with client re a self drive tour.
  • Responded to an enquiry for a private tour later in the year.

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