This evening, my focus is one Geilston Garden, which is situated at the west end of Cardross, about 18 miles north of Glasgow. This chiefly comprises a stone walled garden which may, like Geilston House, date from the late 18th century. The garden is the creation of two ladies who built on the Victorian garden in the 20th century, namely a Miss Bell and a Miss Hendry. It now features as a delightful little gem in the portfolio of heritage properties owned by the National Trust for Scotland.

Geilston Garden

Geilston Garden, Scotland

The vegetable garden is mainly grassed over but does feature strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries. There is also a small orchard.

Wellingtonia Tree

There is a woodland area with a delightful stream and pleasant walkway. Here there are many mature conifers and broadwoods plus rhododendrons, the latter affording a variety of colour at this time of year.

Geilston Garden

Within the walled garden there are borders filled with a wide variety of shrubs including Pittosporum tenuifolium atropurpureum, Acer negundo ‘Flamingo’, a variegated Stranvaesia, Philadelphus aureus, a standard ‘Canary Bird’ rose, espaliered apples and a huge Sequoiadendron giganteum.

This is the Dovecote

Dovecote at Geilston Garden

Woodland walk.

Exploring Geilston Garden, Scotland

Brilliant red rhododendron flower which contrasts with the pastel greens.

Colours of Geilston Garden

This garden is one of the National Trust’s gems in Central Scotland and is deserving of  a visit. Think about combining with Hill House at Helensburgh which is a few miles away and another National Trust property.

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