This evening, I am in Edinburgh preparing for tomorrow’s private tour of Hadrian’s Wall. I am very excited about this as Roman Britain is one of my key passions.

I plan to take my guests to visit Corbridge (Coria), Vindolanda and Housesteads Fort. If the weather holds this should prove a good trip.

Some key facts concerning Hadrian’s Wall:

-Built on orders of Emeror Hadrian who visited Britain in AD 122.
-Stretches 80 Roman miles (73 modern miles).
-Completion took about 10 years which was undertaken by three legions, the 2nd, 6th and 20th.
-The Wall was abandoned from AD142 for about 20 years when the boundary was moved north, to the Antonine Wall.
-From about AD 160 for about 250 yrs the Wall remained the N.W. frontier of the Roman Empire.
-The Wall was built to consolidate the Empire and acted as a combined military barrier and customs point for trade purposes. It was not a closed frontier.
-Fortified gateways or milecastles were positioned at intervals of one Roman mile along the Wall.
-Stationed at intervals along the Wall are 13 primary forts each of which could hold units of 500 men.
-After departure of the Romans from Britain in early 5th century the Wall ceased to be a frontier and was used as quarry. Today, only small stretches of the Wall remain in the remoter areas and then only up to a height of three feet or so vs original fifteen feet.

Fingers crossed for a good day tomorrow!

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