Today, we enjoyed an interesting tour during which we witnessed part of the Glasgow Women’s 10K race 2010, visited two Mackintosh designed properties, visited Geilston Garden, near Helensburgh and drove around the southern tip of Loch Lomond near Cameron House, a High End resort.

House for Art Lover

Ben Lomond, Scotland

The following three images show various aspects of Hill House at Helensburgh which dates from 1902/3 and is considered the finest of domestic creations by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a famous Glasgow based architect and designer. We toured the interior of Hill House but, unfortunately, photograps were not permitted. Location is superb with stunning views over the Clyde Estuary.

Hill House

Hill House by Mackintosh

Hill House by Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Geilston Garden, Scotland

The images immediately above and below show Geilston gardens, a nice little gem comprising house and garden (small country estate) on the banks of the Clyde.  We enjoyed a quiet stroll through the relaxing gardens which included both walled formal gardens and vegetable gardens.

Stroll in Geilston Garden, Scotland

Topiary at House for Art Lover.

The above image shows some interesting topiary at House for an Art Lover which is located in Glasgow.

Weather during the day was relatively benign. We enjoyed a pleasant refreshment stop at a waterfront cafe at Helensburgh.

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