This morning I went round to Glasgow Green to watch farriers at work on Clydesdal;e horses which I believe to be owned by Glasgow Council. Quite an unusual experience for city folk to observe.

Clydesdale Horses

Here is the farrier’s equipment. Note hammer and anvil.

Blacksmith kit

Nice animals. I believe they originated as heavy horses to carry the weight of medieval knights with armour.

Clydesdale Horse

Elsewhere today, my main focus has been on finalizing details of a four day Scotland Castle Tour for August 2010. Shaping up at as a good itinerary including Balmoral, Dunrobin, Stirling and many more. Posted information on Blackwood family history to my Glasgow ancestry blog.

Main development in Britain today has been the change of Government from centre left to a coalition comprising centre right parties under David Cameron. An historic moment as this is the first formal coalition government since WW2 and could presage some major changes to the electoral system. Big challenges ahead on the economic front also with a lot of pain to come across the whole country in effort to reduce the huge structural deficit built up under the previous administration. Could result in strikes and social unrest.

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