This morning I went round to Pollock House with objective of observing farriers working on the Clydesdale horses. Unfortunately, there had occurred a mistake in promoting this event (which happened yesterday) so I was left with the prospect of just a picture of one of the horses, Duke, but, by way of consolation, I found the immaculately kept gardens which afforded a magnificent display of colours across the spectrum at this time of year. The images are mainly tulips, as shown below.

Spring Flowers

Scarlet Spring Flower

Yellow Tulip at Pollock House

Clydesdale Horse

Duke the Clydesdale Horse

This is a very colourful Cherry Tree in full blossom. Located at Eastwood Old Cemetery.

tCherry Tree in Springtime

Cherry Tree, Glasgow

Elsewhere today:

  • The volcanic ash cloud from Iceland has re-emerged to interrupt air travel with most of Scotland’s airports closed. My niece’s flight up from England was unfortunately cancelled.
  • Received confirmation of a private, ancestry tour from Edinburgh in September.
  • Engaged in further correspondence with a client seeking a castle themed tour from Edinburgh.
  • Designed a High End private whisky themed tour for guests of a local corporate.
  • Posted information on Cabbell family history to my separate Glasgow Ancestry blog.  I undertook some research on the web and discovered that W.B.Cabbell was a co-founder of one of the first banks in Glasgow in the early 19th century.
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