Urban Foxes, Scotland

This evening, I am posting a recent image of a family of foxes. There are a couple of issues here:

Firstly in addition to the three adults above there exists a litter of four cubs which are about as big as a fully grown cat and quite cute.

Secondly, note that the fox on the left has a stubby tail. We don’t quite understand why but the rest of the tail fell off about 9 months ago.

Moving on to tour related matters:

  • I seem to have firmed up a private ancestry tour in Edinburgh.
  • Today, responded to a special whisky tour for a High End group of 12 based in Glasgow.
  • Late today received an enquiry for a Hebrides tour for later in the year.

Separately posted to my GlasgowAncestry blog information on Brown family history.

Today, the weather in Glasgow has been dry but cool. Its pleasing to see the evenings beginning to stay light longer.

Lots on the agenda tomorrow,.

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