This evening, I am posting images and information on Glasgow Green, Glasgow, Scotland. This is a fascinating and historic part of Glasgow featuring:

  • An historic carpet factory with design influenced by the Doge’s Palace in Venice.
  • Impressive memorial to Britain’s naval hero, Lord Nelson.
  • Famous location where James Watt obtained inspiration for his refined Steam engine which helped trigger the Industrial, Revolution.
  • Former place of public execution.
  • People’s Palace, social history museum.
  • Famous Doulton Fountain made from terracotta.
  • River Clyde with its related sculling activities.
  • Proximity to nearby Gorbals area and Glasgow City Centre.
  • Place where residents washing used to be hung out to dry.

Overall Glasgow Green should feature in a tour of Glasgow.

Templeton Carpet Factory at Glasgow Green

Doulton Fountain

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