Williamwood Pipe Band

This evening, my theme is the Williamwood Pipe Band which I encountered this morning whilst visiting Glasgow Green, an historic part of Glasgow. The band were performing for a photo shoot which allowed me to obtain some reasonable images and video clips.

I was visiting this part of Glasgow due to my interest in grave markers at the old burial ground of St. Andrews in the Green which has burials dating back to the early 19th century, some with very worn inscriptions. Here I found no less than two adjacent memorial stones apparently in memory of the same woman, one Isabella Campbell. More information can be found on my separate GlasgowAncestry blog.

Elsewhere today:

  • Responded to an enquiry for a tour from a cruise ship in Inverness.
  • Corresponded with client on a self-drive tour.
  • Booked a hotel in London for a group for which I have arranged a  Scotland Tour.
  • Took some useful pictures of urban foxes which were sent to a specialist wild animal website.
  • Took a video clip of the famous Doulton terracotta fountain in Glasgow Green in full flow.

Weather was warm and sunny, as will be evident from the images.

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