Bluebell Glade

This morning, with sun shining I thought is appropriate to cycle round to Busby and photograph woodland bluebells which I guessed would be in flower at this time. My hunch proved right and I managed to get some decent images of these colourful flowers when they are at their best.


The Latin name for bluebells  is Hyacinthoides Non-Scripta. The plant prospers in deciduous woodland where it carpets the woodland floor with a suitable shade of blue at this time of year.

Woodland Bluebells

As will be seen for the pics, the plant produces a drooping, bell shaped flower. The bulbs contains toxins which have been used for medicinal purposes with diuretic and styptic applications.

Bluebells in Spring

Elsewhere today:

  • Main development has been enquiry for a one day Military and Battlefields tour of Central Scotland which looks promising.
  • There has been a news report to effect that the aviation authorities have increased tolerances for aircraft flying into the ash cloud which should result in less cancellations and- good news for in-bound tourism!
  • Posted information on Isdale Family History to my separate Glasgow Ancestry blog.
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