This evening, my theme is Alexander Selkirk, the real world role model for the fictional Robinson Crusoe.

Andrew Selkirk

Alexander Selkirk was Scottish and spent his early boyhood at Lower Largo on the Fife Coast. He had a fierce temper and following family disputes he went to sea. In 1704 he was sailing master of the vessel Cinque Ports. After elapse of 8 months Selkirk had a violent quarrel with the ship’s captain and was put ashore on the uninhabited Juan Fernandez island off the coast of Chile. Archaeologists have recently located his camp on the island. After 4 years and 4 months he was rescued and later returned to Lower Largo with considerable wealth gained from piracy.

Daniel Defoe met Selkirk in a London coffee hous in 1715 and learned of his (Selkirk’s) exploits which he used a base for the fictional Robinson Crusoe.

The above image shows Selkirk’s statue in his boyhood home at Lower Largo.

Elsewhere today, I have been busy with various new tour enquiries including tours of Edinburgh and Glasgow from cruise ships and a self drive tour of Scotland. Also went out on a cycle ride to burn off some energy after a four day tour.

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