Pittenweem Harbour

This evening, my theme is Pittenweem, a fishing town located on Scotland’s Fife Coast. This is one of the few active harbours along this coast which is home to a fishing fleet coupled with a thriving fish market. As will be seen from the image above, the harbour is usually crammed with fishing boats. Visitors must rise early (about 5.00am) to witness the landing of the catch. The harbour contains some interesting architecture including the Gyles, an attractive group of houses dating from the  of 16th and 17th centuries with Dutch style gables which in turn represents influences arising from historic trading patterns. Places of interest nearby include:

  • Cove Wynd with very old house.
  • St. Fillan’s Cave, home of  a missionary dating back to the 7th century.
  • Ruined priory on nearby Isle of May.
  • 16th century Parish Church
  • Kellie Lodge, dating from the 16th century.
  • Kellie Castle, an impressive example of 16th and 17th century architecture.

I usually take guests to visit Pittenweem in context of  a Fife Coast Tour which includes nearby villages such as St. Monans, Lower Largo, Anstruther and Crail.

Elsewhere today:

  • It has been raining! Very welcome after a dry patch. In some areas Scotland is facing water restrictions.
  • Helped with arranging a walking tour of Glasgow and a five day Scotland for visitors from the Middle East.
  • Worked on the details of a Scotland and Ireland self-drive tour for visitors from Canada.
  • Worked off some energy by going for a cycle ride, and replenished my stocks of video clips for my separate Glasgow Ancestry blog.
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