This evening, my theme is Shinty, a predominantly Gaelic sport called camanachd in Gaelic. Here is a video clip of a game at Inveraray:

Shinty is mainly played in the Highlands of Scotland with the annual highlight being the Camanachd Cup. The cup final is held on the first Saturday in June and provides an opportunity for a Gaelic cultural event.

Each October there takes place an international match between Scotland and Ireland played under composite shinty/hurling rulesĀ  with venue alternating between Scotland and Ireland

Elsewhere today, I have been busywith various Scotland tour enquiries including a group who wish to avail of a Robert Burns tour.

Have posted to my separate Glasgow Ancestry blog information on Robertson family history featuring a Glaswegian writer named James Hinton Robertson who was born July 18th 1827.

Weather in Glasgow today has been quite sunny and pleasantly mild.

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