Battle of Stirling Bridge Landscape

This evening, my theme is the Battle of Stirling Bridge which took place on September 11th 1297. I recently visited this site with a small group in context of  a one day battlefields tour.

The bridge at centre of the battle was wooden and  located a hundred meters or so upstream of the existing stone built medieval bridge which spans the River Forth and is situated on the plain between Stirling Castle and The Wallace Monument.

This battle arose as a function of the aggressive and predatory attitude of the English King Edward I towards Scotland and his desire to bring Scotland under his (English) rule.

The Scots were led by William Wallace (aka ‘Braveheart’) and Andrew Murray. John de Warenne, earl of Surrey commanded the English forces. The River Forth separated the two forces with Scots to the north and English to the south. Read more on Battle of Stirling Bridge…