This evening, my post has a botanical theme.

On a recent tour near Wick in Caithness, north of Scotland I came across a patch of vegetation which was described to me as ‘wild cotton’. On further investigation it appears that the plant is actually a type of sedge known at Cotton Grass or Bog Cotton which grows in damp conditions.

Bog Cotton with Sinclair Bay in the background

In bygone days, Cotton Grass was used for making candle wicks, stuffing pillows and even dressing wounds. Nowadays the plant is food source for butterflies and grouse.

The plant’s cotton effect is formed by long white hairs which serve to aid seed dispersal in the wind. An interesting plant!

Cotton Grass or Bog Cotton

Elsewhere today, I have been occupied with:

  • Correspondence regarding a one day tour from a cruise ship during August.
  • Discussions concerning a half day tobacco themed tour of Glasgow for a group of corporate executives in 2011.
  • A self-drive tour of Scotland for next month.

Also, posted information on Latta family history to my Glasgow Ancestry blog.

Weather today in Glasgow has been mild and dry with a hint of rain from time to time.

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