Isabella Fortuna

This evening, my theme is the Isabella Fortuna, a restored fishing boat based in Wick, Northern Scotland A brief history of the vessel:

Built in Arbroath by James Weir in 1890 for the Smith family who worked the boat for commercial fishing purposes until 1976.

Re-named Fortuna in 1928 when powered by a K2 Klevin 44 HP engine.

Upgraded to present engine,K3 Kelvin 66 HP.

Bought for GBP3000 in 1976 by Hobson Rankin of Tayport. Vessel restored to sail and re-named Isabella Fortuna.

Bought by Wick Society in 1997 for GBP3000. Restored and re-launched in 1999. ,Most of the restoration work undertaken by volunteers.

Elsewhere today:

I have commenced a new tour, meeting a group of ladies from the U.S. at Edinmburgh Airport. They arrived but their luggage did not! B.A.has located the items and we are hopeful they will be delivered to the lodgings this evening.

Our first visit the afternoon was Linlithgow Palace, a former Stuart Royal residence but now  a magnificent ruin after accidental destuction by fire in 1746. We were provided with a good quality tour of the Palace by two young ladies in period dress.

Linlithgow Palace

Linlithgow Palace

My private tour starts tomorrow in earnest when we will be visiting Edinburgh and Rosslyn Chapel. A beautiful, sunny evening in Edinburgh as I write this.

Posted information to my Glasgow Ancestry blog on Calder family history.

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