This evening, myself and few others visited the pleasant country town of Strathaven, about 40 mins drive from Glasgow. Strathaven is very well kept and has much to offer the visitor including:

  • Ruined 16th century castle
  • Imposing churches including the 18th century, Strathaven East Parish Church.
  • Brewery.
  • Many good eating places. We dined at the Strathaven Hotel which dates from the late 18th century.
  • Well kept parks.
  • Pleasant burn (stream) running through the town.
  • A former textile mill.

Below is a video clip of the town centre

Strathaven Castle

Strathaven East Parish Church

Elsewhere today:

  • Commenced work finalising a self-drive tour of Scotland scheduled for September.
  • Received favourable feedback on small group tour of Scotland and Northern England which finished last night in York with group members moving on to London by train. I arranged hotel in London for four nights.
  • Posted information on Burns family history to my separate Glasgow Ancestry blog.

Weather in Glasgow has been OK. Started dull and damp this morning but greatly improved for our trip to Strathaven this evening. On return we witnessed a stunning, almost vertical, rainbow over Glasgow.