Wild Orchid

This evening, I am continuing my botanical theme with an image and information on a wild orchid which I encountered when recently visiting the Wick area of Caithness in Northern Scotland.

In Britain there are at least 17 types of wild orchid. The image shows the type named ‘Orchis’ which by coincidence is the name from which ‘orchid’ emanates.

The plantĀ  above was growing in an organically managed natural landscape close to the sea and Castle Sinclair.

Elsewhere today:

  • Main priority has been finalisation of a self-drive tour of Scotland for a couple from Eastern Europe. This is virtually complete now.
  • Encountered technical probs in upgrading my Blackberry. Should be fixed by tomorrow.
  • Visited the local cemetery to replenish my store of images for my Glasgow Ancestry blog. Not a pleasant experience in the pouring rain!
  • Posted information on Munro family history to the Glasgow Ancetsry blog.

Weather in Glasgow today has been extremely wet and unpleasant. However, should brighten up over next few days if forecast is to be believed.

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