Shortest Street

This evening, my theme is the world’s shortest street, as shown in the image above. This extends to just the one door at corner of building and is known as Ebenezer Place.This is the entrance to the somewhat upscale Mackay’s Hotel in Wick, Caithness, north of Scotland. Wick is Old Norse for ‘bay’ . In the 19th century, Wick was known as the ‘Herring Capital of Europe’ as a function of the town’s situation as hub of a vibrant and extensive fishing industry which is now all but gone. I found Wick a pleasant enough place, a good base for touring the far north of Scotland and featuring an excellent Heritage Centre.

Elsewhere today:

  • I have undertaking final research relative to upcoming small group  tours of Scotland.
  • Finally managed to get new Blackberry operational after four days of  angst and frustration and all because the assistant at Carphone Warehouse in Glasgow ticked the wrong box on screen when setting up the new handset. All’s well that ends well I guess.
  • Went off to the cemetery to extend my stock of images and videos relative to my Ancestry blog.
  • Posted information on Docharty family history to my separate Glasgow Ancestry blog.

Weather today in Glasgow has been relatively benign, cool-ish but no rain.

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