This evening, my theme is picturesque (if not Disneyesque) small Scottish town of Culross located on the coast of the Firth of Forth near Dunfermline.

Culross House

This was originally, an important religious site in the 6th century, associated with the birth of Glasgow’s patron saint, St. Mungo.

House at Culross

During the 16th century Culross grew wealthy from coal and salt industries which in turn financed impressive residential buildings dating from the 17th and 18thcenturies. Subsequently the town went into progressive decline with the buildings remaining unchanged and locked in a time warp. Scotland’s National Trust began to acquire the buildings in the 1930s and has since undertaken an extensive restoration programme.

Centrepiece of Culross is the Palace which  was built by 16th century entrepreneur Sir George Bruce . This ochre coloured building has crow-stepped gables, decorated windows and red pantile roof. Inside can be found original 17th century painted ceilings.

Culross Palace

I strongly recommend a visit to this quaint and colourful town.

Town House, Culross

Culross Street Scene


Elsewhere today I have been occupied:

  • Arranging a one day whisky tour for a group of 25 persons.
  • Finalising an ancestry themed tour of Scotland for a guest from the U.S.A.
  • Helping a guest with transfers to historic sites in the London area.
  • Posting information on Campbell family history to my separate Glasgow Ancestry blog.
  • On a short cycle ride during a spell of sunshine .

Weather in Glasgow today has been basically fine and dry.

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