This evening, my theme is the gem of a little town which I recently discovered located on the North East coast called Dornoch. My guest at the time suggested it reminded her of the English Cotswolds, which to my mind is a good comparison. Apparently, the name means ‘pebbly place’.


This is a really quaint town with much to offer the visitor including:

  • Golf: Royal Dornoch Struie. Golspie, Tain and Brora.

Dornoch Golf


  • A wide sandy beach.

Dornoch Beach

  • Lots of small, interesting shops.

Dornoch Shop

  • A magnificent Cathedral dating from the 13th century which features 28 stained glass windows.
  • Andrew Carnegie connection. This industrialist and philanthropist stayed each year at Skibo some 6km away, donated the local library and financed renovation of the Cathedral organ.
  • A castle, formerly associated with the Cathedral but now a hotel.

Dornoch Castle

  • A fascinating history which mirrors much that of Scotland including prehistory, early Christians, Viking incursions, the medieval period, Reformation, Highland Clearances.
  • Mountainous scenery.
  • Nearby Dunrobin Castle.

Dunrobin Castle


I enjoyed my short stay at Dornoch and will definitely be back!

Elsewhere today I have been busy:

  • Re-grouping after a couple of Scotland wide tours lasting about 12 days.
  • Responding to numerous tour enquiries.
  • Posted information to my Glasgow Ancestry blog on Borland family.

Weather in Glasgow has been relatively benign, albeit somewhat cool for time of year.

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