Jewish Tartan


This morning I met with the local Rabbi in order to obtain images of various Jewish Tartan products in context of a new Jewish themed tour product which I have in mind. Earlier this year I provided such a tour for a group from Canada who were conscious of their Jewish roots which led me to research the history of Judaism in Scotland.  This proved quite an interesting project as a result of which I now have substantial information to hand. My home base of Glasgow is actually the centre of the largest Jewish population in Scotland, a fact which provides a useful additional dimension. I look forward to making progress with this initiative later in the year.

Elsewhere today I have responded to enquiries for:

  • A castles themed tour of Scotland
  • Isle of Skye tour
  • A very interesting Roman Britain themed tour for 2011 which I am keen to help with as this era is one of my key interests.

Also, posted information on Matheson family history to my Glasgow Ancestry blog.

Weather here in Glasgow has been very sunny with prognosis good for immediate future. This bodes well for my next of batch of tours.

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